The fffunction team

Over eighty five years in the industry between us

Ben Coleman

Ben Coleman

Managing Director

Having originally trained in product design in the 1990's Ben brought the values he most identified with to the field of digital design. He's happiest when solving design problems, running UX workshops, organising content into an information architecture, building prototypes and user testing them. / @bencoleman


Russell Kirkland

Technical Director

A video game geek who grew up with a Vic 20 in the 80s, Russell has been making the web since 1996. No technology is too new or obscure to be picked up and played with. He cycles nearly everywhere, can often be caught with a dualshock controller in hand, and is learning French. / @urlsangel

Dan Goodwin

Dan Goodwin

UX Director

With a background of fifteen years experience in agency and in-house development, Dan is an all-rounder with strong technical and people skills in addition to user experience. He loves user research and bringing empathy for them into every step of a project. Dan loves the sea and gets in it or near it whenever he gets the chance. He likes good coffee, good beer, and good and bad flapjacks. / @bouncingdan


Davinia Emberson

Director of Delivery

Davinia (also known as D), has worked in various roles in creative agencies over the last 12 years including project management, account direction, operations and new business. Passionate about digital and the possibilities it can deliver, loves working in this constantly evolving landscape. She enjoys strategically partnering with clients through a thorough understanding of their business challenges & objectives and recommending solutions that they can track and measure the success of. A coffee fiend and spreadsheet geek she loves getting out on her bike and taking pictures.

Ben Darby

Ben Darby

Lead Designer

Ben splits his time between designing for the web and front-end development. He enjoys taking onboard user research to find a creative solution that reflects the users approach to a product and is accessible to all users. / @darbice

Francesca Sargent

Francesca Sargent


Francesca's skills lie in Python developing and problem-solving. She's a creative thinker who loves sharing her knowledge and inspiring others by speaking and teaching. Francesca spoke at Sonic Pattern 2 in Sheffield about how weaving (one of the older crafts) and programming (a relatively new one) are similar. She also loves teaching and performing live coding.

Jonti Eccles

Jonti Eccles

Content designer

Jonti takes a thorough and considered approach to content design drawing on richly varied experience in the design world. He loves working with clients to get the best out of their content for their organisation and their customers. He's also an arts and science fanboy, and bakes exceptional cakes. He once accidentally became a finalist of ITV's This Morning cake competition at Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2014. / @jontieccles


Nina Whitby

Marketing Consultant

Nina has spent her career at the forefront of the digital revolution. Her client-side experience ranges from high profile projects including setting up the NHS Choices interactive tools and mobile apps work stream to being Head of Digital at the Eden Project and managing the successful start-up StepJockey. Her agency clients have included global brands BMW, Dove, Persil and Johnnie Walker.

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