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fffunction UX workshop: Sam's experiences

A guest post from Sam Stephenson who attended a UX workshop lead by fffunction at Falmouth University in 2015. Sam writes about the workshop and where what he learned took him.

Sketching with developer tools

Pete’s been designing up some work which came out of a sketching workshop which we ran with a client.

How fffunction does social media

I like a good process post so I thought it might be interesting to do one about how we do social media here at fffunction.

fffunction User Research - Week 3

Week 3 was my 2nd week in the Bristol studio, I was near the end of my talks with users, with only a couple to go.

fffunction User Research - Week 2

For week 2 of my internship I was at the Bristol studio. Being in Bristol was a nice change of pace from being in Penryn, and I was ready to get stuck into to talking with more users.

fffunction User Research - Week 1

Around a year ago fffunction came to Falmouth Uni and did a couple of workshops around user experience and prototyping. This was really my first formal introduction in to the world of user experience - I instantly recognised that this was a specialist area that I really wanted to delve into.