Dear Laura

Written by: Adam Robertson On: 19 Jun 2014 In: Design, Workflow

Dear Laura,

Finding the courage to say what you did must have been difficult, but we have both known for some time that things haven’t great between us. Things started out so well at first, it was exciting to have you by my side and you always did the best job you could.

After reading your letter it’s clear to me that this is a personal struggle and not one with the entire profession. I also understand that you did not ever propose that I was redundant and that your new love in user experience design is all that’s needed.

Where I struggle is this notion of visual design - you never called me visual design at the beginning, it’s only when he came into your life. It seems the entire profession has a problem with the term visual being attached to design. I don’t mind it, but it has to be said that design as a whole is not just visual, it’s the great mix of design and its various elements that when working together make for great times.

We had a good thing going but I can’t help but think that you are being a tad rash. Being any type of designer is hard full stop. That’s why design is so rewarding, we face problems that need solving and have clients who ask for strange things.

Our job as designers is to ask the right questions and to get an understanding of problems that our clients have. It’s only when we truly understand the problems that we can start to be useful in a visual way. Where I feel you are mistaken is that this is the sole responsibility of my dearest brother and closest ally, user experience.

UX and I work together, hand in hand. Anyone who sits down and sketches out ideas for an interface is a designer and a visual one at that. Everything you do in your process at fffunction is design, and you are involved with my entire family whether that’s me or Mr UX.

I will always be with you, and hopefully one day you can just say that you are a ‘designer’ and be a stronger part of this big family. You can have the best of both worlds and use him and I simultaneously. I really like that idea and I hope you do too.

All my love

(Visual) Design

A response to Laura Nevo’s Pastry Box article - Dear Visual Design