The fffunction design library at UXBristol 2015

Written by: Dan Goodwin On: 13 Jul 2015 In: Design, Ramblings

One of the things which we get as UXBristol sponsors is a table at the conference. The sort of thing where we’re meant to erect corporate banners and ply attendees with branded merchandise and sweets and stuff. We’ve decided to try something else though: we’re going to host a design library. A library with books.

The idea is simple: you’ve probably got UX and design-y books kicking around your house or studio / office which you’ve read, and which you think other people would like, but which you’re not using day to day. Gather them up bring them along to UXBristol, and add them to our library. Don’t worry, we’re not asking you to give them away forever. We’re going to have library cards which you can use to label your book with your details so that borrowers can return them to you. We’ll even have date stamps which you can use to set a return by date. Basically, we’ve bought two of these personal library kits:

While you’re there lending (or even if you’re not lending), you can browse the library for books which you’d like to read. Your fee for borrowing is simply to take on the responsibility to get the book back to its owner. Maybe you’ll take the opportunity to discuss the book with its owner and get some useful UX networking done on the side. Everyone wins!

There’s no money changing hands here and we’re not going to impose a whole bunch of terms and conditions or limit our responsibility in the whole affair*. It’s a friendly, trust thing and if you can’t trust the completely lovely folk who go to UX Bristol, who can you trust?

By the way, if you’re feeling charitable and you want to give any books away, that’s cool too. You can write something to that effect on the labels (give yourself a credit while you’re at it) and set the books free! (But please don’t use this as an excuse to offload useless books about Flash and Java and stuff, there are charity shops and recycling centres for that sort of thing). That goes for any charitable folk who aren’t going to UXBristol or any publishers or businesses who want to donate books for a bit of subtle branding / Twitter mentions / general love and warm feelings. Get in touch with us to arrange.

Hurrah for the fffunction design library at UX Bristol 2015! See you there with your books.

*but just to be clear, we’re not responsible. For anything.