fffunction User Research - Week 3

Written by: James Dexter On: 6 Oct 2015 In: User experience

Week 3 was my 2nd week in the Bristol studio, I was near the end of my talks with users, with only a couple to go penciled in for the following week. I was starting to gather my research and form some clear insights in to how people were using agency websites as well as broader information in to how they interacted with agencies.

These insights revealed a lot about how much engagement people were having with sites, and where they were going while they were there. All of which can be used to hopefully build a better user experience. The insights that I found most interesting however where the ones around how an agency pitches and approaches work. A lot of this was because of the questions that I was asking and the approach surrounding their interactions with agencies. And the responses that I got were particularly helpful in ascertaining a deeper understanding of what the frustrations and positive moments that users where having in the broader stroke of a client-agency relationship. I asked these questions purely because I wanted to gain a bit more knowledge about this area, and while I was tasked with researching into the site - there is obviously more to a clients journey than their interaction with the site.

Armed with a collection of interviews, personas and journey maps I began to consolidate those insights into groupings. I organised this into areas regarding content as well as areas of process. For example insights regarding case studies were grouped together, or insights into pitching were grouped together. I did this so that there was essentially one collection for all the research that would be easy to digest and as a way to inform the content on the site. I can now start to pull all this research together into sketches and drawings to build an idea of what the site could look like.

I got the chance to work on some client facing work during the week as well. I was initially tasked with reading through Dan’s research so that I had an understanding of the users and what needs they had, it was interesting to see Dan’s process and how he had documented the work and really informative for my own research. I was then set on doing sketches for the layout of a site which were then passed on to Pete for the visual design. It was great to get stuck in with the team and be part of the process in creating a site. I learnt quite a great deal just in terms of workflow and something that I can hopefully feed into my future work.

On the Thursday I headed to Cornwall for a kickoff workshop. The kickoff workshop was something that we’d done when fffunction came to the uni (see week 1 if that doesn’t make sense). But I’d not been involved in a kickoff with a client. Sitting down with the stakeholders. Listening to what they wanted to achieve with the project. Uncovering who their users were. Empathy maps for those users. Doing affinity mapping. Being involved with a client. That was all new to me. By getting those stakeholders engaged with the project and up and moving by going through the workshop they understand more about the user first approach fffunction are taking.

Friday afternoon I sat down with some of the team to talk through what I’d done so far, this was the first feedback that I’d really gotten on the work I had done (luckily it was overwhelmingly positive) and it was good to know that I was on the right track with the research.

And that pretty much wraps up week 3 of my fffunction internship. Make sure to check back next week for the 4th (and final) post. I’m looking to put the research together into a case study of some form, so be sure to check in for that, although it might not be for a few weeks.