Five Simple Steps Summer Camp

Written by: Dan Goodwin On: 18 Jun 2015 In: Ramblings

It’s been a long time since the act of attending a conference has inspired me enough to blow the dust off my text editor and write a blog post. This week I didn’t attend a conference, I attended the Five Simple Steps Summer Camp.

When Craig and Amie announced the camp, they bravely chose to keep the schedule to themselves. But the facts that I’d been to the amazing fforest before (a long time ago, just after it opened in fact) and that I knew that beer was to be provided by Verdant (some intel leaked to me by an insider) were enough for me to purchase a ticket there and then.

Over the last three days I have met some incredible folk (and had the chance to catch up with properly with some other folk). Together we ate fantastic food; printed some things with lino and letterpress; turned pieces of trees into actual real spatulas using axes; made bread; variously started the days with 7am swims, runs or walks in or along the beautiful river Teifi; enjoyed live music; and swapped stories over that amazing beer. All this in an amazing setting that brought a strong sense of community to the whole thing from beginning to end.

If that sounds like your (and my) worst hipster nightmare, it wasn’t. The hipsters weren’t there. Craig spent a fair amount of time justifying the non-conference, non-tech nature of the whole business, but I think he was preaching to the converted. I have no doubt that the act of gathering in that place and participating in those hands on activities will have given every single one of us there some time and space to think creatively. That time and space is something we all need whatever we do but we can struggle to find. The Five Simple Steps Summer Camp gave us it (on an enamel plate). Thanks so much to everyone who was there.

A spatula which has been hand carved with an axe, lino printing with a press

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