A love letter to fffunction

Written by: Russell Kirkland On: 29 May 2015 In: Ramblings, Work

I’m going to try to blog more often. Looking over our archive, I’m averaging one a year - so that shouldn’t be too hard. I’m thinking that I’ll keep them short though.

I realised today that it must be about three years since I first met fffunction.

I’d recently moved to Cornwall from Bristol (which I’d moved to after a decade in London - I seem to have a long-term westward ho thing going on). I was freelancing with the lovely people at Nixon when I met @robeam, and started getting lifts in his car as he finished up on his way to get the newly-formed fffunction’s Penryn office up and running.

Adam asked if I could do a spot of freelancing for fffunction once I’d finished the project I was working on, and as Penryn is quite a bit closer to home than Hayle I gladly accepted.

My first project was to be the Good Gifts redesign and build. Except it wasn’t - I turned up for the first week and found myself working 12 hour days building Cheryl Cole’s new website. Surreal.

Good Gifts was pretty intense too. During the build the founders of fffunction asked me to join as fourth director. Just a year before I’d quit my post as head of digital at Mason Zimbler (now fully absorbed into Harte Hanks by the looks) after a decade of agency positions. I was enjoying the freedom of freelancing again, but Ben, Pete and Adam won me over after a few chats and a lot of beers.

So now I look back and marvel at how quickly those three years have flown past.

It’s not all been plain sailing, but the last few months feel like we have really got something good going on: our ethos; the way we work; the people in our team; and our lovely clients who fleetingly become additional team members.

I’m proud to be part of fffunction, and feel incredibly fortunate to have worked on projects as varied and high-quality as MacGuffin, Bristol Museums Galleries and Archives, University of Georgia, The Centre, Hurricane Media and Generate Conf.

I’m looking forward to the next three years.