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Edge Conf - London 2015

I went to Edge Conf this weekend; it was a fantastic day of meeting smart people and discussing the present and future of the web.

Five Simple Steps Summer Camp

It’s been a long time since the act of attending a conference has inspired me enough to blow the dust off my text editor and write a blog post.

A love letter to fffunction

I realised today that it must be about three years since I first met fffunction.

Making Statamic play nicely

We’ve been using Statamic for some of our lightweight content sites here at fffunction recently.

fffunction’s CSS

I’m big on optimising architectures and workflows, so I found reading how other people are doing it pretty helpful.

MacGuffin User Journeys

A look at how we started to design user journeys for users of MacGuffin

MacGuffin Design Jam

Generating lots of ideas for MacGuffin's functionality using a design jam.

We've moved (again)

We once had a little room near the water and it was nice.