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So, who wants to help us build things at fffunction?

I don't tend to blog that often, and do you know why? Too damn busy most of the time, making lovely websites for lovely people. But maybe I could do some more writing if we had some more hands on deck. So, this is just a heads up really. We haven't formulated a new developer hiring plan for this year, but there's certainly a future timeline that exists which has our new dev taking ownership of a key to the Penryn studio, and putting the kettle on.

Making Statamic play nicely

We’ve been using Statamic for some of our lightweight content sites here at fffunction recently.

fffunction’s CSS

I’m big on optimising architectures and workflows, so I found reading how other people are doing it pretty helpful.

Designing IMSL

For the re–design of Intel MSL, we faced a problem we've not run into before. How do you go about adding meaning, and visual interest to a site without imagery?

A guide to Gulp.js

Everyone who’s aware of Grunt will know what this is about, but Gulp differs from Grunt in two important ways: the use of streams and a code-over-configuration approach.

SVG – show and tell

On Friday 21 February we joined up with our friends Elliot and Kier from Viewport Industries and had a small informal get together, with a series of brief talks.