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So, who wants to help us build things at fffunction?

I don't tend to blog that often, and do you know why? Too damn busy most of the time, making lovely websites for lovely people. But maybe I could do some more writing if we had some more hands on deck. So, this is just a heads up really. We haven't formulated a new developer hiring plan for this year, but there's certainly a future timeline that exists which has our new dev taking ownership of a key to the Penryn studio, and putting the kettle on.

Edge Conf - London 2015

I went to Edge Conf this weekend; it was a fantastic day of meeting smart people and discussing the present and future of the web.

Five Simple Steps Summer Camp

It’s been a long time since the act of attending a conference has inspired me enough to blow the dust off my text editor and write a blog post.

A love letter to fffunction

I realised today that it must be about three years since I first met fffunction.

We've moved (again)

We once had a little room near the water and it was nice.

Be more David Bryan

If you're an 80's hair metal fan like me, then the name David Bryan might ring a bell.

To the power of two (or more)

I used to be a freelance web designer, a jack of all trades who dealt with every aspect of producing a website from the first client meeting to the launch of the site.

Insomnia creeps up on you

It’s not until you’ve hardly slept for a couple of weeks that you realise you might have a problem here.