We've moved (again)

Written by: Adam Robertson On: 11 Sep 2014 In: Ramblings

We once had a little room near the water and it was nice. It was small and much like a corridor. It was at a place called Jubilee Wharf. We were happy there, but as we grew and became more people, it became cramped. There was no meeting space and when clients visited we felt awkward and needed to get them out… immediately.

View of Penryn River from our Cornwall studio

fffunction grew from two people to three and then four and eventually when we reached five we decided to move the Cornwall studio in to the Tremough Innovation Centre, on the university campus at Penryn.

This was going to be an exciting and dynamic place to work, surrounded by similar people. We were excited to move in; we were moving up the hill.

The Tremough Innovation Centre is a brand spanking new building which has a state of the art energy system that learns your behaviour, opens and closes windows for you. So armed with our swipe cards we moved in and we went to work.

I was happy at the Innovation Centre and I made the most of the facilities. I went to networking events and made some new friends. I took part in workshops and we held our own workshops there. I was never dissatisfied, or so I thought. But when the chance came to move back to Jubilee Wharf, we jumped and I never really considered why. Until now.

The problem at the Innovation Centre, I think, was that everything was work. It was a commute to get to the office and once there it was much like being on a business park. All there was to life was work and maybe a short walk between the office and the university canteen, but always surrounded by work and people at work.

I didn’t acknowledge that the environment was having such an effect on me, but looking back I don’t think we created our best work there. I have been back at the wharf now for two weeks and already it feels more creative and a much better space to be in, mentally.

We are lucky enough to have the studio that is furthest away from the road and right over the water. If you follow me (@robeam) on Instagram you will have seen the resurrection of ‘Good morning spider’ a shot of the morning sun coming up over the river Fal, right from our studio window. It’s a beautiful spot.

At Jubilee Wharf we are surrounded by like minded people all doing very different things in their work. But more importantly I think, we are surrounded by people just doing life. Hanging with their friends and their kids and their dogs, drinking coffee and eating lunch.

The ability to move away from your desk and move outside and watch the river or the people makes me very lucky and I don’t think I will ever take that for granted again.

One should never under estimate the effect that your environment is having on you and the work that you are doing.